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New York Detective Wolf is on his last chance before being kicked off the police force, but gets a temporary transfer to Melbourne, Australia. After a 40-year career, he is suddenly teamed up with a cop half his age on the other side of the world. Surprisingly, Detective Fox makes a good colleague and becomes a mate, which is unheard of for Wolf.

George Valentine, a small-time gambler, is now the owner of the Cluck Cluck Lucky Lotto shop. Rigging the 70 million jackpot seems impossible, but is it? Buying a ticket for his estranged but beloved wife, Virginia Valentine, he hopes to set her and their daughter, Samantha, up. And he does! All seems rosy except for the little matter of a debt with an equally small-time loan shark, Jimmy Rocket. Jimmy and his two big thugs, Dick and Joe, shatter the happy millionaire moment for George.

The meeting of the two detectives and the Valentine women certainly turns the temperature up, but the waters are muddied by the unfortunate George turning up with toes up! Fingers are pointed, assumptions are made and when there’s a spot of kidnapping, everything is up for grabs. Virginia and Sam take matters into their own hands and ………………………run.

This old-school crime caper lurches from winning the lottery to accidental death with karaoke, tequila and sandwiches in between. And there’s a gunshot!


I’ve called this piece of writing a scrook: a hybrid of screenplay dialogue and book narration. The script style enhances the banter and rapport between the characters while maintaining traditional style prose.


There are two original songs – linked to YouTube via a QR code – that are part of the story. Songs and music by other artists also weave throughout the chapters, which may prompt you to go and listen to the tracks, through your preferred streaming service.


The story of Fox & Wolf holds no loftier ambition than to entertain, hopefully cracking you a laugh or giving you a WTF moment, temporarily whisking you away to become immersed in a story that is surely very different to your own.


Hope you enjoy my debut novel and if it does tickle your fancy, then you’ll be pleased to know there’s a sequel and a prequel. But hey, let’s get through this first…


A little about me….

I have always had a strong imagination. Lot’s of idea’s for stories go through my head. It probably all started with my mother sitting on the edge of my bed when I was a child telling me fantasy tales off the cuff. The adventures in lolly land was my favourite, der!





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